Thursday, 25 November 2010

Passion - Why finding your Passion is Important!

Today I'm Writing about Passion!
Why?... Because this is a very important element for Success!

How do you expect to become good at anything without the Passion? Some Internet Marketers are Passionate about Money! Fast Cash! and why not?
I have not met anyone yet who does not like to have money... But you see the difference is... If its just Money you are after then you will fall into the trap that most internet marketers fall into before they finally give up and pack it in. Chasing after one opportunity to the other.

So to put it into simple terms I am a keen learner, I like to learn new things, I put most things on a trial period to see if I like it or not and to test the market. I found out what works for me... But because it works for me does not necessarily mean that it will work for everyone. You see this is where the "Passion" part comes into play.

My Top 10 Interests which I am Passionate about
Financial Education, Personal Development, Health and Wellness, Specialist Vehicles, Travel, Property and Real Estate, Science and Technology, Art and Design, Landscape Designs, Spiritual Awareness.

I am also passionate about helping others create there own Success Story!

Success starts with the Why? Question.
Why do you want Money?
Why do you want to be Successful?
Why do you want to do what you do?

Acheiving your Goal
Write down all the reasons why? Use your Passion and Knowledge together. Start to build a picture in your mind of how you will achieve this goal and make a point of setting goals in order for you to achieve your end result.

To answer my Why? 
Having enough money, Being successful and helping others to do the same will make me Happy! I will be in a position to do the things I want, When I want to do them, Spend Quality Time with Family & Friends, Buy that Dream Car, House, Yacht, Luxury Holiday. Help those in need.
This is also why I think Younique Wealth is such a great low cost easy to manage work from anywhere supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Business Opportunity! It Combines Personal Development, Residual Income, Cash Flow & Knowledge all in one!

So if you have not yet figured out your why... Begin to build that picture and make it happen! You are in control of your own life! Atleast I hope you are!

For some inspiration you may want to Check out the Official Jim Rohn Website ( Click on the Banner Below ) He was a highly respected speaker and mentor for many successful people. Sadly the Late Jim Rohn passed away on December the 5th 2009. He did touch the hearts of thousands and made many success's.

Paul Nulty
IBO Younique Wealth

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