Friday, 3 December 2010



What is thumbvu? was launched on the 5th January 2010 and is a traffic exchange website with added benefits which not only allow you to add your campaigns, websites, splash pages, goods & services. On thumbvu you will find enhanced features such as an image uploader and direct links to facebook, twitter and a host of other social media networks to allow you to gain maximum exposure and web presence.

View thumb nail images as you surf through the site allowing you to choose which campaigns you want to view.
This benefits both the advertiser and the surfer, When surfing you can choose your prefered campaign you are not forced to view what has been put in front of you, Therefore the advertiser benefits from a more direct aproach to his/her target market.

Web Marketers, Advertisers and Promoters can enjoy 250 credits per week as a paid member with lots of other perks listed below. Free Members do not get the same privilages as a paid subscriber, So if you are looking for the best possible result while promoting your campaign it is seriously worth considering the paid membership.

During the Launch phase will be offering a one time payment offer to new subscribers who act fast! However places are limited and it is unknown as to when the offer will end. However thumbvu will remain competitive with advertising subscriptions of only $27 per month. Consider what you might spend on other advertising methods. Read more about the member benefits below.

Perks and rewards such as...
  • Coloured thumb image borders!
  • 250 Credits a week (1,000 per month)!
  • Access to our easy opt-in surf bar system!
  • Earn 30% More Authority!
  • List up to 10 sites (Free members only recieve 3)!
  • Manage up to 25 Campaigns (Free members only receive 3)!
  • 25% extra on all chip purchases
  • Earn 50% commissions (Free members only receive 10%)!
  • Earn credits on a 1:1 ratio (Free members only receive 3:1)!
  • Promote more social site links!
  • Export up to 50 campaign stats for tracking!
  • Random referrals! (did I mention you get 50% commissions?)
  • 5000 Credits to start off your advertising campaigns
A monumental change in digital social media brand marketing,


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